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hold on, baby you're losing it

you're tied together with a smile but you're coming undone


this is stuff that i think about a lot and like to write to get it out of my system.
serious essays? they shall not be found here.

Thanks for stopping by.
I R Not Elitist.
My LJ is Friends Only.

And on a side note...
page 637 of Deathly Hallows?
So didn't happen.
"remember that time" stories, alan rickman, awkward silences that stretch, baking miniature cupcakes, bare skin, beackseat driving, being banished outside, best friends, bill/tonks, books, borrowing clothes from friends, brotherly bonds, cartwheels in wet grass, charlie weasley, charlie/tonks, crying "happy tears", draco malfoy, draco/ginny, draco/pansy, dragon tamers, drinking from empty cups, drinking really cheap wine, dusty books, failed cooking experiments, fan art, fan fiction, fanon, freckles, fred weasley, friends that're really family, friends who're brutally honest, frustratingly oblivious parents, george weasley, ginny weasley, giving in to love, gumball machine diamond rings, harry potter, having everything yet nothing, having faith in faith, hermione granger, hermione/charlie, hermione/charlie/bill, hermione/fred, hermione/fred/george, hermione/george, hunting for unicorns, ignoring page 637, imprompteau silly songs, interests nobody else shares, knitting, knowing it'll be alright, knowing someone needs you, knowing you need them, laughing at a wedding, laughter, letting life amaze you, life, listening to children laughing, little hidden alcoves, living room fashion shows, loving someone like breathing, moments of heart-wrenching vulnerability, moonbeams, music, newly-spun wool, nicking my mum's shoes, not holding back smiles, obvious unresolved sexual tension, overreactions, painting bad ugly pictures, paper and ink, plastic tiaras, playing dress-up, pretending summer is neverending, quidditch, quietly sipping bitter tea, rainbows, reading, red hair, road trips to nowhere, roaming through orchards, ron weasley, severus snape, skinny dipping at dusk, summoning repressed memories, surprise sprinkler attacks, surreptitious text messages, talking until 4 a.m., tangled sheets, tattoos, the smell of history, the trio, the weasley twins, the written word, thunderstorms that rattle windows, unintentionally falling in love, waking up to sunbeams, weak attempts at normalcy, writing, yarn